ISSUE No. 20 - Spring 1998


Bits ‘N Pieces Editor
Prez Sez George Beckett
Honorary Colonel MG Paul Burns
Browsing old FC Journals Editor
TAPS Editor
China-India-Burma Theatre (part 2) Ray Lewis
Experience as a D.O. (part 2) Ron Carlson
Tehran in the Late ‘70s (part 2) Dave Mikkelson
Pearl Harbor Day (part 1) Tom Kawaguchi
Holt’s Memoirs (part 1) Holt Blomgren
Pope John Paul II Awards John Rogan
Finance Flashes Dick Dahoney
Ft. Ben Houses for Sale Jack Larsen
Operation “Bird-Dog” Editor
Congratulations Editor
“To the Lifeboats” Clint Jetmore
Bad Check Resourcefulness Unk
Duties of 2nd Vice President Editor