Issue No. 21 - Fall 1998


Bits 'N Pieces Editor
Prez Sez George Beckett
Honorary Colonel MG Paul Burns
The Army Wife Anon
Honorary Members of RAFINCO J.R. Wheeler
The Poteat Female Warren Poteat
The Tryon Contingent Frank Tryon
Pearl Harbor Day (part 2) Tom Kawaguchi
Holt's Memoirs (part 2) Holt Blomgren
Browsing Old FC Journals Editor
TAPS Editor
Special on Tom Kawaguchi Tom Kawaguchi
65 Day Wonders Duncan Chamberlain
Commercial Accounts in Australia Ralph Metzgar
Destruction of Currency in Iran J. Claud Wallace
NCO Deputies, etc J. Claud Wallace
Honors to 2 RAFINO Ladies Editor
A  2nd LT Learns an Army Lesson Al Durning
Secretary / Treasurer Report Phil Anderson
Message from the 1st V.P. Warren Murray
3 New Distinguished Members of the F.C. Regiment Editor