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ALRED's Annual Hunt

212, 08 Feb 2009

Each year Ray ALLRED organizes a hunt for some orphans who reside in a local foster home.  Ray’s description of the hunt this January is in FAMILY UPDATES.  I realize that these kids are not Finance family, however am very impressed with what Ray and his hunting buddies in San Antonio are doing.

This year he was able to get a couple of professional hunters (PH) from Africa that he knows and hunts with to assist with the hunt.  Of course, these kids were awed by the experience of being able to meet and even hunt with a professional hunter.  In fact, these two PHs were so impressed by these kids that they are willing to donate a couple of hunts in Africa to them.  All I have to do is to get them over there and back.  They will cover the other costs.  We are working on it. 

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