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Welcome to the RAFINO Website (as of 26 September 2022)

Registration for Reunion 2022 is Closed; hotel reservations closed on 6 SEP 2022; see Important Dates To Remember, below

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Passwords are CASE-SENSITIVE: please remember that your password is CaSeSeNsItIvE. In other words "MyPassword" is NOT the same as "mypassword".

Important Dates to Remember

01 Sep 2022 RAFINO Registration Cutoff Links to your new/existing RAFINO Reunion Registration will appear on your RAFINO home page once you are logged in
01 Sep 2022 Refunds/Adjustments Cutoff This is the last day that you can get refunds or adjustments on your REUNION registration. After this date, any requested refunds/adjustments will be held pending end-of-reunion funds availability.
06 Sep 2022 Hyatt Room Reservations Cutoff Hotel reservations are made separately by online contact with the Hyatt Regency, Indianapolis.
15 Sep 2022 Last Day to Pay Up RAFINO Registration Payment can be made via the "Pay this Registration ..." button on screen 1 of your online registration. You do NOT need a paypal account nor do you need to use one if you have it. You can always just go to PayPal and use the option whereby you provide (securely) your credit card details and the payment will be made directly out of your credit card.
5-9 OCT 2022 RAFINO Reunion 2022 in Indianapolis, IN Reunion 2022 will be held in Indianapolis opening on 5 October 2022. The reunion hotel this year will be the Hyatt Regency Indianapolis, in the heart of Indy; we have negotiated a room rate of $169.00.
Registration for the reunion (and separate registration for the hotel) is now open and can be accessed via the link on your logged-in RAFINO Home page.

Your reunion poc is CSM MARK SULLIVAN and can be reached at mark.sullivan1.civ@mail.mil.

You can download a pdf of the Reunion 2022 guidebook via this link

Bulletins Posted Since 14 Sep 2022

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Date Bulletin  
26 Sep 2022 FACTOID: First Names at Reunion
17 Sep 2022 Gregory Worley (data change)
15 Sep 2022 RICHARD G. SHAFFER (data change)

If you are not already a past or present RAFINO member and wish to become a new member of RAFINO, you will need to submit a membership application.

Annual Dues Rate: $12.00 annual dues are payable January 1st for all existing members, or immediately upon acceptance of a new member application. If a new member joins on July 1, or later, they will not be charged for the current calendar year. Their first $12.00 payment will be applied to the next calendar year beginning January 1. Dues are requested as close to January 1 as possible, with current year dues being delinquent on March 31. Dues are payable to the RAFINO Treasurer. at the following address:

You can pay your dues via check to the RAFINO Treasurer, LTC (RET) Imre Volgyi , at RAFINO, 3112 WATERFRONT DR, Chattanooga, TN 37419-1535.

If making dues payments every year is not your cup of tea, consider paying two or more years advance dues, or, even better, consider

Lifetime Option: applying for a Lifetime membership, with an age-based sliding dues scale:

AgeLife Rate
less than or equal to 50$200.00
51 to 60 $150.00
61 to 70 $125.00
71 to 80 $100.00
81 to 90 $75.00
91 and above $0.00

The Lifetime and $12.00 annual dues are used to defray the administrative costs associated with the organizational requirements to maintain and periodically distribute a roster and periodic hard copy newsletter, maintain a current webpage on the internet, and purchase office supplies like paper, envelopes, stamps, and the like. The Reunions we conduct every other year are planned to be self-funded, so none of the $12.00 goes towards any of those expenses. All excess earnings are distributed to other IRS approved tax exempt veterans organizations or organizations that support veterans.

Upon approval of your application, we set your email up with a login id and password.

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Robby Robson rrrobsonFALSETEETH@gmail.com (take out FALSETEETH to get email address)

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