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Cell Service Discounts

203, 19 Apr 2009

Bob YRJANSON tells us that the Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996 affords discounts to present and past (retired) federal employees, i.e, a military discount for cell phone services.  Bob went into his local Verizon store and had discount application and
photocopy of ID faxed into to initiate the discount. Verizon is 15%.
Dave MIKKELSON called AT&T(Cingular) and customer service rep on phone directed me to my local store. Retirees have not been provided the Employer (Army) "Pin" for phone service. It appears that active duty or retirees with a ".mil" email can do it on-line with AT&T.  So Dave went into his local AT&T store and clerk said - "No problem. You're eligible for a 15% discount which will activate on billing cycle following the current one." Dave jokingly 'complained' about it being retroactive to when we started with Cingular and he replied - "Call customer service after the discount is in effect and they will probably do a 'retroactive' for 90 days for you."

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