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Tired of Password Hassles?

638, 17 Aug 2012

Do you keep forgetting your passwords or, worse, do you use the same password for all sites because it's too hard to remember separate passwords for the sites?  If so, you need a Password Manager.

Here is a Password Manager ("LastPass 1.72"), a type of PC/laptop utility that allows you to save passwords under a single master password and automatically login to sites.  With the profusion of sites protected by passwords, it becomes more and more of a problem to remember all of the passwords we use over a week. The nice thing about this password manager is that it stores your passwords, securely encrypted, on the internet so you can access all of your passwords anywher from any computer.

This tool is free and highly recommended by PC Magazine.  Check out their review  at http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2379288,00.asp or go to the publisher's (Marvasol, Inc.) website to learn more abnout how to download, install, and use the tool: https://lastpass.com/

You may want also to read up on password managers (and find references to other Password Managers) in this Computer World article.

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