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Retirement.Change of Commandant at FM School

2098, 03 Oct 2017

Subject: Soldier Support Institute/ Financial Management School Change of Commandant Ceremony/Reception/Retirement Ceremony (UNCLASSIFIED)


Colonel Stephen K. Aiton, Commander, U.S. Army Soldier Support Institute cordially invites you to attend:

A Retirement Dinner in honor of Colonel and Mrs. Eric F. Zellars on Thursday, the twenty-sixthof October.

A Change of Commandant Ceremony between Colonel Eric F. Zellars and Colonel Richard J. Hoerner on Friday, the twenty-seventh of October, with a reception immediately following.

A Retirement and Award Ceremony in honor of Colonel Eric F. Zellars officiated by Major General David Coburn on Friday, the twenty-seventh of October.

Here is a link to the EVite Invitation for the Change of Commandant and Retirement ceremonies and dinner


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