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Scrip Conversion - Jack Ingles

645, 01 Jan 1999

From the RAFINO Report
ISSUE 23 - Winter 1999

Script Conversion
By Jack Ingles

After completing the Basic Enlisted Course at the Finance School on 21 January 1948 I was transferred to the Finance Office at Grafenwohr, Germany where Captain Werner Dickinson was the Finance Officer. The office was on the second floor above the bakery!

One day in March four of us took a ride throughout the countryside. On the way back we had a flat tire. The spare we found was also flat so we tried to come in on the rim. With about four miles to go the transmission gears gave out so we started to walk back. The sergeant with us started to have us walk for 10 minutes -- then run for ten, etc. After awhile this got to be a little much so I asked him what was the hurry. He said that he wasn't supposed to tell us but at 6 am the gates were to be locked as there was to be a script conversion!! Based on that we RAN ALL THE WAY BACK getting there at 5:56 AM! We were in fine shape for exchanging script the rest of the day!

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