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Jack Rogan - A Hall of Famer!

2010, 13 May 2017

Our very own Jack Rogan was inducted into the OCS Hall Of Fame


Here is a note Jack exchanged with the Commandant of the Financial Management School

Good Morning, Eric,
I was officially inducted into the Officer Candidate School Hall of Fame, Class 2017,  on  Monday, May 8th in a very nice ceremony at the beautiful National Infantry Museum.
I was also recognized as a WWII veteran at the formal Patterson Award Banquet on May 9th at  the National Infantry Museum. I was the most senior member of  our Hall of Fame Class of 2017,  having been commissioned on 11/1/1946 via the Army Finance School OCS.
Since it was also the OCS Alumni Association Reunion and the 75th Anniversary of  the Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning, there was a very large attendance which was great. 
It was a truly enjoyable and memorable experience to receive this prestigious award and to finally get to Fort Benning, where I was initially scheduled to attend  OCS after completing my combat training at Camp Wheeler, GA in October 1945. However, when the A-bomb resulted in the sudden Japanese surrender, I was transferred to the Finance branch which warranted a greater priority due to the thousands of troops who would be returning from Europe and the Pacific areas for discharge.
Best regards,

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