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FMNET Message 14 APR 2017

1996, 15 Apr 2017

The 14 April FMNet Message will be posted soon to our One Stop (http://www.finance.army.mil/) under the tab name: "FMNET Messages".  Clicking the "FMNET Messages" tab reveals two links, one to the current message and one to the library of messages.

The following are the 'open' links this week:
        (1) ASA (FM&C) website: https://www.asafm.army.mil/
        (2) SAP HANA video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVsJA1CaXqE
        (3) ASMC PDI: http://pdi2017.org/army-service-day/



Grant Robitzsch
Barling Bay, LLC
FMNet Moderator
US Army Financial Management School
10000 Hampton Parkway
Fort Jackson, SC 29207

Office: (803) 751-3877
Mobile: (803) 394-2182
Facsimile: (803) 751-8643

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