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Login Friday, April 20, 2018

Mapping RAFINO Members

1932, 04 Mar 2017

We have recently added a new enhancement to our website.  In the past, logged in members have been able to go into the "Membership" menu and select the "Geographic Distribution" option.  This allows you to create a list (and/or download a spreadsheet) of members who reside in a selected geographical area (a state or a city or a zip code).  We have added a button on that page to allow you to generate a Google map showing the residents and where there are located.  You can zoom in or out of the map, using normal google "+"/"-" zoom controls. Each resident (who has a valid address) will be represented by a "map pin" on the map.  Clicking on the map pin will bring up the data on that resident.  Try it; you'll like it !!!

The graphic below demonstrates how one would get a map showing our members in the state of Minnesota (clicking on the northernmost map pin to see who that might be). 




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