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From the Prez #4

1830, 12 Dec 2016

From the Prez #4:
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Quarterly Update

(where appropriate, please share this with your spouse)

Season’s greetings from all of your Elected and Appointed Officers of RAFINO.  We hope this time of year is especially joyful for you and your families.  May you be blessed abundantly in this season of giving and fellowship.  Please keep in mind, and say a prayer, for all our Service Members serving around the world, especially those serving in harm’s way, and those separated from their family and friends this time of year. 
Besides our Yuletide Greeting and well-wishes, we’d like to update you on several activities since our Las Vegas Reunion in October.  It’s important to us that we keep you informed of all that’s being done within RAFINO, so you feel connected and an important part of our organization.  You might also see areas that might interest you that you are willing to volunteer to help us.
Membership Dues and Lifetime Membership Opportunities:  Membership voted and approved our membership categories:  Active, Associate, and Honorary; as well as our annual dues structure, which is $10/year, payable January 1st for all existing members, or immediately upon acceptance of a new member application. If a new member joins on July 1, or later, they will not be charged for the current calendar year.  Their first $10 payment will be applied to the next calendar year beginning January 1.  Dues are requested as close to January 1 as possible, with current year dues being delinquent on March 31.  
Lifetime Membership:  Membership also voted and approved lifetime membership options at the rates shown below according to the member’s age at the time the lifetime membership is requested.  If a current member has paid their membership for years in advance, those advance payments will be applied towards a lifetime membership.  If a member has paid sufficient years in advance that it more than covers the cost of a lifetime membership, they can opt to have the excess dues refunded, or they can be donated to RAFINO, whichever the member desires. Dues paid for prior years will not be applied towards the lifetime membership.  If a lifetime member dies, and has a spouse, the lifetime membership does not transfer to the spouse.  The spouse becomes an Associate Member, and will no longer pay dues.  The following lifetime rates are offered effective January 1, 2017; and you can use the this link to our website to determine the amount you need to pay for the appropriate lifetime category, minus any advance payments.
Less than or equal to age 50: $200
Age 51-60: $150
Age 61-70: $125
Age 71-80: $100
Age 81-90: $ 75
Age 91 and above: FREE
Reunion Committee:   Elaine McNeill is our VP – Reunions.  We need members to help us plan the 2018 Reunion.  Currently, there are two options being discussed:  Charleston, South Carolina, and Albuquerque, New Mexico.  As there was little discussion on both of these options at the Las Vegas Reunion, we want to fully develop the plans, programs, and costs for these options, and send that information out to our membership for a vote.  It is our desire to plan and execute a top-notch reunion, and we need your help to make that happen.  If you would like to join Elaine to help review the options and put together the proposals for our membership, please contact her via email at:  emcneill1943@yahoo.com.  We really need your help to make the 2018 Reunion a wonderful event for everyone !!!
New Members:  Larry Elsom is our VP – Membership.  Since the Las Vegas Reunion, we’ve added seventeen (17) new members.  We’re excited that the word is getting out, and we ask everyone to be part of our membership committee.  Seek out your friends and colleagues, ask them if they are members, and if they are not, please encourage them to join us.  The 2018 Reunion will be special and even more memorable, if you are surrounded by those you enjoyed serving with throughout your career.  If you’ve lost contact with someone, and don’t know how to reach them, please let us know.  There are several avenues we can use to help locate your fellow Finance Retirees, and encourage them to join us.
Updated By-Laws:  Our RAFINO Treasurer, Imre Volgyi, is in the process of drafting an update to our RAFINO By-Laws.  When completed, we will submit them to you for your approval in a vote similar to what we did for our membership dues and lifetime membership options.  We appreciate your support, and your vote of approval is important to us.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year:  I’d like to finish as I began this Note, by wishing you and your families a very Merry Christmas and holiday season.  May it be filled with peace, love, and happiness with your family and friends.  From all of your RAFINO Officers, we wish you a Happy New Year in 2017.   We look forward to serving you and RAFINO to the best of our abilities. 
Proud to be Your Prez,
Kevin G. Troller

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