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From the Prez #3

1829, 01 Nov 2016

From the Prez:
Membership Categories, Dues, and Lifetime Membership

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Your elected and appointed officers are working hard to refine our organizational By-Laws and policies so we continue to run as an efficient and effective organization. 


This note is to inform our membership about our membership categories, annual dues, and lifetime membership opportunities using a tiered structure based on age. 


The following membership dues and lifetime membership rates will be effective January 1, 2017. 


Membership categories:

  • Active: Such membership requires that the member be in an official military service retired status (or nearing retired status as in being on terminal leave) in the Finance Corps or Financial Management Corps, in commissioned, non-commissioned, or warrant officer grade. Retired status includes those who served 20 or more years of Service, were medically retired, or participated in an authorized early retirement option.  Active members are authorized to attend meetings and/or vote on all matters.  Active members pay dues as defined below.
  • Associate: Such membership is available to surviving spouses of deceased Active members. Associate members may vote on Reunion proposals.  Associate members do not pay dues.
  • Honorary: Such membership may be granted, upon unanimous vote of the officers of the Society, to a select few persons who have rendered highly singular services to the Organization, and who are deemed by the Organization to be deserving of such recognition.  Honorary members do not pay dues.

Membership Dues:  Annual dues are used to defray organizational costs such as distribution of a membership roster and newsletter, maintain a current webpage on the internet, and printing, postage, and other office supplies.  The reunion conducted every two years (or as otherwise agreed by vote of the general membership) shall be financially self-sufficient. None of the annual dues go towards any of those expenses.  Should an active member stop paying dues, they become inactive members.  Active member status will recommence when the member in default, again pays annual dues, which allows them to vote on membership issues, and to attend reunions.  Excess earnings, regardless of source, shall be available for distribution to other IRS approved tax exempt veterans organizations or organizations that support veterans.  The amount for these distributions are recommended by the RAFINO Treasurer based on the financial stability of our organization and planned future expenditures.  A committee will be appointed to review organizations eligible and worthy of a distribution.  At our Reunion’s general business meeting, the eligible organizations will be vetted, along with a recommendation for the amount to receive, which will be voted on by the general membership.  The fiscal health and financial stability of our organization will be the determinant of whether we make a distribution, and the amount to be distributed.


Annual Dues Rate:  $10 annual dues are payable January 1st for all existing members, or immediately upon acceptance of a new member application. If a new member joins on July 1, or later, they will not be charged for the current calendar year.  Their first $10 payment will be applied to the next calendar year beginning January 1.  Dues are requested as close to January 1as possible, with current year dues being delinquent on March 31.   Dues are payable to the RAFINO Treasurer, at the address posted on our website.


Lifetime Membership:  For the first time, we are offering a lifetime membership at the following rates according to the member’s age at the time the lifetime membership is requested.  If a current member has paid their membership for years in advance, those advance payments will be applied towards a lifetime membership should that member so desire. Dues paid for prior years will not be applied towards the lifetime membership.  If a lifetime member dies, and has a spouse, the lifetime membership does not transfer to the spouse.  The spouse becomes an Associate Member, and will no longer pay dues.  The following lifetime rates are offered, also effective January 1, 2017:


Less than or equal to age 50:


Age 51-60:


Age 61-70:


Age 71-80:


Age 81-90:

$ 75

Age 91 and above:



Proud to be Your Prez,

Kevin G. Troller

Email:  kevin.troller@baytown.org

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