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From the Prez (#2) (New Officers)

1744, 19 Oct 2016

From the Prez:
Our new Elected/Appointed Officers

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RAFINO Members – We are excited to announce we’ve got a great slate of elected and appointed officers to work on behalf of our membership for the next two years. 

As one, unified, organization, I prefer one individual leading the areas you see below, and not both an Officer and NCO individual. 

We are one organization where to me, all members are equal. 

Everyone below has graciously agreed to fill the positions as stated. 

If you see them or talk to them, please express your appreciation. 

We are all excited to continue growing our organization in a way that makes everyone proud to be join and participate, especially when it comes to attending our Reunions.


The Officers (elected and appointed) of RAFINO are:

  • President COL (RET) Kevin Troller
  • 1st VP CSM (RET) Wayne Ingle
  • Secretary/Treasurer LTC (RET) Imre Volgyi
  • Webmaster/Datamaster LTC (RET) Robby Robson
  • 2nd VP (Reunions) LTC (RET) Elaine McNeill
  • 2nd VP (Membership) CSM (RET) Larry Elsom
  • Assistant Treasurer LTC (RET) Anthony Lorenz
  • Assistant Secretary MSG (RET) Bruce Prater


Can I also remind you as you encourage others to join RAFINO, that the first year of dues are FREE (FREE is ALWAYS good!), and after that it is a very affordable $10/year. 

That’s a real bargain; and hopefully our dues will never be the reason that anybody wouldn’t join us.

Proud to be Your Prez,

Kevin G. Troller

Email:  kevin.troller@baytown.org


Webmaster Note:  Check out the bos on the elective officers here

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