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Welcome to the RAFINO Website (as of 23 February 2018)

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Important Dates to Remember

08 Jan 2018 Registration for 2018 Reunion is Open Closes on 09 Jul 2018
10-14 October 2018 RAFINO Reunion 2018 in Albuquerque, NM See the Reunion Page for details (subject to change up to 8 JAN 2018)

Bulletins Posted Since 10 Feb 2018

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Date Bulletin  
23 Feb 2018 New Member - SGM GARY L BLACKMON, SGM
21 Feb 2018 COL STEPHEN W. WESTBROOK To TAPS (update)
19 Feb 2018 FOAC-72 Roster
19 Feb 2018 Star-Spangled Abomination
16 Feb 2018 CHRISTOPHER F. LYEW-DANIELS (data change)
13 Feb 2018 Reunion Registration Status
13 Feb 2018 CPT JERRY L ACHESON to Inactive
13 Feb 2018 MAJ LEON W. HUTTON to Inactive
13 Feb 2018 LTC FRANK C. SCHOEN to Inactive
13 Feb 2018 CPT STEVEN H STILLWELL to Inactive
12 Feb 2018 MG Stephen R. (Dickie) WOODS to TAPs

From the President

You know Soldiers love acronyms. Even if there isn’t a need for one, we’ll make one up. Let me give you one I hope you’ll become very familiar with, and want to be a part of: RAFINO.

RAFINO is the Retired Army Finance Organization, and is recognized by the IRS as a non-profit organization, organized for the purpose of maintaining and distributing a roster of membership, issuing a periodic newsletter, maintaining a current website, and conducting periodic reunions. Can I make it simpler? RAFINO is a fraternal/social veteran’s organization, put together and run entirely for the enjoyment of retired Financial Management Soldiers.

The original By-Laws were approved on August 31, 1987, and along the way there were two separate organizations, one for former Officers, and one for former NCO’s. Those organizations were merged by a vote of membership at the 2016 Reunion in Las Vegas to have one, unified, merged organization, now known as the Retired Army Finance Organization.

I proudly serve as the President of RAFINO, and have since our Reunion in 2016. I and our current board have worked hard to communicate frequently with our membership, grow membership, and plan and execute a fabulous Reunion which will be held October 10 – 14, 2018, in Albuquerque, NM. Our Reunion Chairman, Bruce Prater, has worked tirelessly to outline a fantastic program of events centered around the International Balloon Festival. The headquarters hotel is the Isleta Resort & Casino. Here is a link to all of the activities scheduled for this Reunion. If this doesn’t get you excited; nothing will. http://online.flipbuilder.com/vdrd/sklk/mobile/index.html

In a short amount of space, my desire is to both make you aware of RAFINO, and to entice you to join as soon as you are retirement eligible. That’s right, when you’ve served 20 years, where 50% or more of your career was in a Financial Management capacity, you are eligible to apply (online at http://www.rafino.org/NewMemberForm) and be accepted as a member of RAFINO. Dues are very minimal, $10/year, and we’ve just offered a lifetime membership which is determined based on age, and ranges from $0 - $200.

As I’m writing this, I’m preparing to attend my 4th RAFINO Reunion in Albuquerque. Others I’ve attended since 2012 included San Antonio, Baton Rouge, and Las Vegas. We’ve also locked in the 2020 Reunion site as Charleston, SC; and there is growing interest to return to Indianapolis, our Former Finance home of Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana in 2022.

Interested? I encourage you to check us out on our website where you can see information that is not restricted for members only. I think it will give you a good idea of who we are, why we exist, and the excitement we’re building leading up to our Reunion this October.

As a retiree, I can tell you that we miss the camaraderie and fellowship we shared in uniform. As we go separate ways, some pursuing other careers, some permanently retired, there is a longing to get together, relive our days together, and retell war stories that get bigger, better, and more unbelievable with each passing year. I can also sadly say that with each passing reunion, we lost members from our ranks that are no longer with us. I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to share a final laugh, toast, and story with people who sacrificed so much for our Nation for each other.

RAFINO is a social organization built around fellowship. Like all organizations, for us to thrive going forward, we need to constantly be growing our membership with younger retirees. Hence this article. I hope I’ve begun to whet your appetite about RAFINO; even if this is the first time you’ve seen that acronym. I hope as you approach retirement you’ll want to be a part of us. Please consider RAFINO your follow-on assignment from the Finance Corps Association !!!

Proud To Be Your Prez,

Kevin G. Troller

If you are not already a past or present RAFINO member and wish to become a new member of RAFINO, you will need to submit a membership application.

Annual Dues Rate: $10 annual dues are payable January 1st for all existing members, or immediately upon acceptance of a new member application. If a new member joins on July 1, or later, they will not be charged for the current calendar year. Their first $10 payment will be applied to the next calendar year beginning January 1. Dues are requested as close to January 1 as possible, with current year dues being delinquent on March 31. Dues are payable to the RAFINO Treasurer. at the following address:

RAFINO Treasurer
CHATTANOOGA, TN 37419-1535

If writing a and sending in an annual dues check is not your cup of tea, consider paying two or more years advance dues, or, even better, consider applying for a Lifetime membership, with an age=-based sliding dues scale:

AgeLife Rate
less than or equal to 50$200.00
51 to 60 $150.00
61 to 70 $125.00
71 to 80 $100.00
81 to 90 $75.00
91 and above $0.00

The Lifetime and $10.00 annual dues are used to defray the administrative costs associated with the organizational requirements to maintain and periodically distribute a roster and periodic hard copy newsletter, maintain a current webpage on the internet, and purchase office supplies like paper, envelopes, stamps, and the like. The Reunions we conduct every other year are planned to be self-funded, so none of the $10.00 goes towards any of those expenses. All excess earnings are distributed to other IRS approved tax exempt veterans organizations or organizations that support veterans.

Upon approval of your application, we set your email up with a login id and password.

Your Webmaster
Robby Robson rrrobsonFALSETEETH@gmail.com (take out FALSETEETH to get email address)

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